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Quick pitch

Nate encounters a huge annoying pig named the Hiya Pig and confronts him and his pig henchmen after his house was destroyed.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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NateSpidgewood edited an action in "The Hiya Pig" on 02/14/2012. more
More thumps are being made and Nate keeps staring at the ceiling while walking calmly. Then all of a sudden, a giant bipedal pig with a blue tank top bursts through the ceiling and lands onto the floor quickly, startling Nate.
NateSpidgewood edited an action in "The Hiya Pig" on 10/12/2011. more
The pigs throw the ball and it hits Nate in the head. It bounces off and Nate holds his head in pain.
NateSpidgewood edited an action in "The Hiya Pig" on 07/15/2011. NateSpidgewood made 2 other changes. more
Nate charges at the door and it finally bursts open. Nate takes a whistle out of his pocket and blows itt loudly. The pigs stop destroying his stuff and stare at him in silence. Nate puts his whistle away and starts scolding them with his arms crossed.
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "The Hiya Pig" on 07/13/2011. NateSpidgewood made 34 other changes. more
Nate Spidgewood
I’m not lying, Dad! The pigs have broken open into the house and been running about freely here, destroying everything for no reason! And then when I stopped the pigs, I kicked them out of the house!
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "The Hiya Pig" on 07/12/2011. more
Nate Spidgewood
(Turns around)
Heck no! I'm not gonna say that word! I don't care about it.

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