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Quick pitch

The Hiya Pig escapes from the farm and decides to take revenge on Nate, who then battles him once again.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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Recent changes

NateSpidgewood added an action in "After All the Insanity" on 03/11/2012. NateSpidgewood made 53 other changes. more
The doorbell rings. Jerry walks to the door and opens it for Nate, who is now very wet from the ocean and rain
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "The Chase" on 02/14/2012. more
Nate Spidgewood (CONT'D)
Well that's settled. Let me take you to my house and I'm gonna strip off your tank top, tear your mustache off, wet you with water, and break your legs off, and then I'm gonna put you into a pot of boiling water, cook you up into pork, and serve you for dinner. Do you like that?
NateSpidgewood edited a shot in "The Chase" on 12/08/2011. NateSpidgewood made 3 other changes. more
NateSpidgewood edited an action in "The Chase" on 10/10/2011. more
As the camera follows the carriage, Nate and the Hiya Pig race towards a rock. Then the carriage runs over the rock and tumbles down a hill.
NateSpidgewood added an action in "The Chase" on 09/19/2011. NateSpidgewood made 17 other changes. more
Both Nate and the Hiya Pig jump out of the carriage and fall down the air along with it.

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