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Greggy's Time Travel Part

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agent perkins
Can't you explain what this is about at all? I don't get what Mary Todd Lincoln's butt has to do with killing Hitler. If that paper was right, the first Civil War just finished, and its months before the second one starts. The special forces from the Confederacy were the closest ones to taking Hitler out in World War 2, is that what this is about? Should they have taken over the whole country in Civil War 2 instead of just seceding?
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I need you to grab Mary Todd Lincoln's butt. Among other things, but that will be the end of the mission that brings you back home. And I know you're getting ready to yell and throw a big temper tantrum about how trivial this mission is, but there isn't any time for that. In ten seconds a small boy will be walking down this alleyway and if he sees you yelling into thin air about grabbing the First Lady's butt, it will have unimaginable consequences for the entire history of the United States from this moment on, so get going. Head back towards the general store. Listen to what I tell you, and don't talk back unless you absolutely have to. And let me remind you, you don't ever have to.
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Agent Perkins
Uhh, I suppose I am. Do you have a newspaper, sir?

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