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Quick pitch

Mr Simms hires some "fresh blood" to get the studio going again and arranges a night out to get the staff motivated.
The team don't take to the new kid at all until they find out that he's rich, but will it be too late by then?

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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Mr Simms
Now, make this a good one, I'm paying you top dollar for this, so I expect an extended performance.
thehitsquad inserted dialogue in "ENDING" on 05/21/2008. thehitsquad made 51 other changes. more
Brilliant! What is it?
thehitsquad edited an action in "ENDING" on 05/21/2008. thehitsquad made 3 other changes. more
Short Round runs up and burns Frankie with a torch
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Maybe we had him wrong, maybe we should call off the plan?
thehitsquad edited dialogue in "Introductions" on 05/13/2008. thehitsquad made 3 other changes. more
Dunno, just heard some women saying it. Ok, New Kid you've come on a great day for us, we've been asked to do a guest DJ set at a club tommorrow night. So we were just sorting out our "Killer".

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