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Charles has a dream about becoming a synth wizard and when he goes to work, he finds that Roddy has found a vintage synthesizer possessed by Rick Wakeman. Charles works on becoming his dream.
In the meantime Roddy battles his new found marijuana addiction

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thehitsquad edited an action in "Charles dream" on 05/23/2008. thehitsquad made 36 other changes. more
Rick Wakeman enters to a synthesised fanfare and walks over to charles.
thehitsquad edited dialogue in "Charles dream" on 05/21/2008. thehitsquad made 67 other changes. more
Rick Wakeman
NO, YOU'RE DREAMING THIS, I'm living in portsmouth with my wife.
thehitsquad edited dialogue in "Roddy gets stoned" on 05/21/2008. more
I see it as a way of broadening my horizons. Like this friend of mine here, he knows what I mean. One minute he's on port, next minute he's on crack, in between he's whizzed up on speedballs! He's not addicted to anything, he's mixes it up all the time.
revdan joined the project! on 05/19/2008. more
thehitsquad edited dialogue in "Charles dream" on 05/13/2008. thehitsquad made 62 other changes. more
Rick Wakeman
Charles, one must learn that Prog music is alive inside us all if you just believ...

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