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After having his legs shot off, Roddy winds up in hospital and falls in love with his nurse. Meanwhile, Frank falls in love with an indian woman which Mr Simms finds rather awkward.
Charles is battling his way out of prison after being locked up.

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thehitsquad starred dialogue in "Frank and ROddy come to the rescue" on 06/20/2008. more
Good, you'll need them. Ok, I've built a ramp going up the prison walls, we're going to wheel you up the ramp, and over the wall. From the inside of the prison yard you're going to smash into the prison guards with your metal chair, thus disabling them
(realising what he's said)
oops! I mean, cripp... temporarily reducing their agility. Then you find Charles, stick him on what you have left of your knees and wheel yourself out to victory.
thehitsquad edited the scene titled "Recording" on 06/19/2008. thehitsquad made 30 other changes. more
thehitsquad added an action in "Ending" on 06/19/2008. thehitsquad made 89 other changes. more
Credits roll
thehitsquad inserted an action in "Charles engineer" on 06/01/2008. thehitsquad made 3 other changes. more
the warden has a book in his hand
thehitsquad added dialogue in "Frank visits Roddy" on 05/31/2008. thehitsquad made 146 other changes. more
I've been awake for weeks Frank. Where have you been?

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