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Two girls fight against the world to overcome all obstacles, expected and unexpected, in order to fulfill their dreams. Through their unconditional love towards humanity, they immediately create a friendship. One girl struggles with her identity, and as a result takes on a persona not of her own. She's not bipolar per-se, but has random mood changes, and suffers with finding out who she is. She secretly has an eating disorder in which she's afraid to admit. The other golden glitz is super happy all the time and extremely ditzy. She feels like everyone is her friend and the world is one big rainbow. She believes in the magical existence of fantasy creatures and lands, but as a result doesn't know when she's being made fun of or when she's not being stupid or dumb. These girls come together to face a world that doesn't accept their surreal views of life. As a result, they become a crutch for each other to withstand the cruelty of a not-so-understanding world.

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Jeez! You can't even kidnap a girl all by yourself?
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Sam is driving the car. Dean is in the backseat with Star. Star's hands are tied, and she's blindfolded with Dean's tie.
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Just shut up and help me with her.
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Jeez! You can't even kidnap a girl all by yourself? What a fail!

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