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Quick pitch

In the near distant future a boy by the name of Ethan is born with a rare genetic D.N.A code. A secret organization known as BIO-CORP has taken him from his mother at the age of 10. His mind is erased.

Now his mother is tracking him down with her newly developed skills, with the help pf her ex husband Jack who once worked for the company. Now they are being hunted by trained assassins hired by BIO-CORP and Evana a special trained soldier from BIO-CORP.

Katharine the directors daughter helps Ethan escape the high security Facility. They too are being hunted. A massive man hunt is underway.

Both being hunted by the same organization...
Both finding their way to one another...


Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

Recent changes

RorySee11 commented on the outline. on 07/07/2010. more
Let me know what you need help with. I'm really only joining to see where this goes. But if you need help in any way then i'll definitely drop some input.
IxMast3rm1ndxI commented on the outline. on 06/13/2010. more
I joined man...What should I start doing?
NickolasJStevenson edited the outline. on 06/13/2010. more
NickolasJStevenson added a comment to Equium on 06/09/2010. more
NEED HELP! When imported the formatting screwed up. :(
NickolasJStevenson commented on the outline. on 06/09/2010. NickolasJStevenson made 1 other comment and 37 other changes. more
I really hope to get it finished at looked at by a producer or Director. :)

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