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Quick pitch

Set in Rangitahi
Follows Max and John
Max is an escape artist and tries a different escape plan each day.
John is his best friend and tries to stop him escaping each day.
Max has been in Rangitahi for 1 month
John has been in Rangitahi for 1 month 1 week.
A girl turns up and Max changes his mind about leaving.
John feels left out because his whole schedule was trying to stop Max escaping and now that he has found a girl, he wants to escape and starts trying to escape.
John escapes and Max has to choose between saving his best friend from going down a life of crime and having a girl friend.

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olyer999 added an action in "The Bedrooms, Rangatahi Unit, Kenepuru Hospital" on 11/20/2014. olyer999 made 2 other changes. more
Max and John are lying on the couches and are having a intense conoversation about escaping.
olyer999 added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 11/20/2014. olyer999 made 29 other changes. more

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