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Skye Blue is you're average fourteen year old high school girl. Except she isn't one of the preps or the populars. In fact she's the nerd in their school. Skye is what you would call a W.E.M.L Or so to say. One after swimming class Skye comes home to see that her parents are missing and that her baby sister is dead. Skye is sent to an Orphanage where she meets an gray emo kid named Jeremiah. Jeremiah isn't a normal kid at all. In fact he's from another world. The world named Fira (Fy-ra) Fira is a shattered world that will never be summer again because the Amulet of Weather has been stolen out of the mists of a dark Warlock. who works for the evil Wizard who lives in the black Castle. Now it's up to Skye Blue and Jeremiah to take back the Amulet of Weather and decyper every black written code they see in Fira. Without being killed

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