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Gloria, a black 35 year old female, who's very funny, creative and talented but "doesn't like people." Although, she gets along with everyone she meets, she'd rather stay home and watch Netflix. She works at a call center and has very interesting co-workers. 47 year old, black female named Rita who's an attention seeker. Rita's nemesis, Richard, 50 year old white male, thinks he's a ladies man but he's unattractive and awkward. The type that might kidnap a woman. Gloria's sister, 42 year old eccentric black female, has a blind dog and cat with diabetes.

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(Jumps up as if she just received a revelation)
Damn it Jay! You're one smart toilet cleaning s.o.b!
(Looks off into the window)
Today, I will start my quest to finding a new work area! As long as it's not by Geanie. She snores when she eats.
(CUT TO an older white lady snoring and eating)
Or Heather, she smells like bacon. I'll be hungry all the time.
(CUT TO Gloria trying to smell Heather's hair)
Or Michael...I'll have to get a restraining order.
(CUT TO hispanic guy peering over Gloria's cubicle)
You know what! I'm doing it. I'm moving out!

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