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The slice-of-life story of a bored and apathetic 20 year old girl going through motions of her daily routine.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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troymcclure45 added a comment to Everything You Hate on 09/05/2009. more
Bored, yes...but apathetic? She's in love, has friends... she seems well adjusted. Good effort....write another and focus on dialog. Read the screenplay for My Left Foot...it's amazing what it conveys with a minimal amount of descriptions.
TheVisionBeautiful edited an action in "The Script." on 08/19/2009. TheVisionBeautiful made 3 other changes. more
"Speed Trials" by Elliott Smith begins to play. The camera pans around the car and splices in a few shots of the car blazing down the road.
TheVisionBeautiful added an action in "The Script." on 10/18/2008. TheVisionBeautiful made 4 other changes. more
[Credits roll]
TheVisionBeautiful edited the outline. on 08/20/2008. TheVisionBeautiful made 51 other changes. more
TheVisionBeautiful created this project! on 08/19/2008. more

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