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what if you woke tommorow and you were someone else now what if that happend every single day of your life

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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um I think that medicine is gettin to your head
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um I thick this
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Boy 2 (every Man)
The brief case holds every thing its how I am able to wite to you I write down all the places I've been searching for a pattern. it's in my hands when I sleep its there in the morning. its that only thing that connects me to anything and most of all you
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two day left its been almost a year since every man began writing me, at the start I thought this was a joke some play from people to scare me but they kept coming and coming, he wore me down and I decided I belived him and if he's not real so be it. I can't help myself but to think of how the ideas that convice our perceptions of others is that of how they look and their phyisical deminor. but he has none, its kinda romantic

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