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Its the year 2054. We are in the future. Its slummy and disgusting yet technology is much superior. We see flying cars, rockets that fly back and forth from the moon, and everyone wears only dark colors. The best way to describe this era is gold covered in shit. Everything looks nice but its dirty. There seems to be a high poverty rate as many people live on the streets. They are all sleeping and some are being removed from certain areas by robot police. During this era, most jobs have been taken over by machine hence the high poverty rate. We see a robot police harassing one poor man. The poor man is refusing to leave and the robot police is getting frustrated. He is about to hit the poor man until a figure comes out of nowhere and hits the robot before he can make a move. The figure is big and mysterious. He wears a baseball cap while holding a baseball bat. He has a necklace of pure robot police heads. It looks like he is about to add another one. The poor man is shocked. He looks at the figure and asks who he is. The figure turns around and looks at the poor man. With his bright red eyes he tells the man "I'm one of them" and disappears.

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