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INT. He opens the kitchen draw and removes a large cutlet knife. He inspects its edges as he flips it around. He then inspects a variety of knifes, smiling and grinning. He pauses and then looks toward the bathroom grinning menacingly, contemplating his next move. He walks over to the kitchen cabinet and opens the door slightly, revealing a teddy bear staring directly at him. He smiles briefly and then shuts the cabinet. He then pauses for a second before he opens another kitchen cabinet door, grabbing a box off the shelf examining it. It’s a box of “Lucky Charms”. He takes a knife and stabs the box multiple times, dousing the room with cereal. He then rolls a newspaper into a thick cylindrical pad, ladles it with some cooking oil, turns on the stove and lights it on fire. As he does this, the lady comes walking into kitchen. She sees John and screams.

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