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Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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sbutler edited an action in "INT.POLICE DEPARTMENT - DAY" on 11/14/2014. sbutler made 33 other changes. more
CAPTAIN K. FRASIER, a grizzly veteran, in day off clothes and sporting a little pass 5'0 clock shadow, shoulder opens a series of doors with a fresh face by his side struggling to keep up. His tag reveals he is SERGEANT L. FRASIER.
sbutler edited dialogue in "EXT.– PIERRE’S GETAWAY CAR - NIGHT" on 10/22/2014. sbutler made 24 other changes. more
The blood. Yes. Can you see it now? Yes. And what did you do? No. Say it. I don’t want to. Say it…now. I…Oh God. I You picked up the fucking blade BRAD! Why? I just couldn’t believe this had killed something you know just…I wanted to…hold it. Examine it. With your bare hands. I know it was stupid…Stupid, Your foot prints were all over the blood. Like you puddeled in it. It just…FUCKING Why?
sbutler edited dialogue in "Fleet is stomp dragging his feet, but slowly, getting wound up, getting the words just right." on 10/19/2014. sbutler made 14 other changes. more
Touche... but don't be a twat about it. Look I could tell you, that you are a huge boon to our team and this is just good business, we do 32% to 36% better when you’re in the pit. I mean you leave the rest of them just scraping to keep up. But you’re smart enough to know that the numbers are real, but coming from me the sentiment is all bullshit. I can also tell you, that you will make a significant increase, with a little less stability and a lot more stress, but you already know that. I can also tell you to fuck off and die because you have a criminal record for soliciting prostitutes and no other reputable firm would hire you but us, but then you'd leave me and probably go do something beneath you...sell insurance or some shit and you'd do well there. You’d sell. Sell is what you do. I want you selling for me. But look... Here is a simple statement as neither your friend nor boss, but some higher mammal hybrid of both. I choose to tell you simply. You’re on cold till further notice.
sbutler edited an action in "EXT.– PIERRE’S GETAWAY CAR - NIGHT" on 10/19/2014. sbutler made 6 other changes. more
The voice mails says "END OF MESSAGE". Fleet is moaning in pain.
sbutler inserted an action in "EXT.– PIERRE’S GETAWAY CAR - NIGHT" on 10/19/2014. sbutler made 10 other changes. more
In agony, the fall having broken a rib or three and more. He can barely get a breath in, the pain is extreme. He coughs blood. His eyes are alive with firey unfairness of it all.

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