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Paul Fuller witnesses his brother's death in cold blood at their hometown bar, The Curtain. After chasing down his killer and leaving him to die, he finds a film canister inside the glove compartment of his brother's murderer. Paul then decides, out of curiosity and remorse, to discover what answers the contents of the film may hold in relation to his younger brother, ultimately leading him on a journey to California.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Shot of Paul over Mac's body crying. He stands up and we see a shot of his feet as he sprints towards his car. Gets into his 1973 Dodge Charger and zips after Jordi onto a country road. The dirt road leaves clouds of dust blocking Paul's vision in the already pitch black night air. Much of the chase is seen through a dashboard view from the Charger. See Jordi's eyes only in a rear view mirror. Jordi hits a sharp right down an paved trail towards an abandoned ranch house near the hills. Paul continues straight and the camera leaves him and for the first time we see Jordi. His face is stricken with both relief and fear as a drives down the deserted trail. He parks atop a bluff. His hand is shaking as he turns the key in the ignition to turn off the rattling engine. He lights a cigarette, closes his lighter, and inhales deeply. The roar of an engine is heard, headlights beam directly at Jordi, and we see Paul glaring at him. We see his shoe slam the gas pedal as Jordi looks on in horror at the brights of headlights. His car is nailed head on and crashes down the bluff in a whirlwind of crushed metal and glass onto the pavement of an empty parking lot with one lone streetlight. Jordi is seen in slow motion being thrown about the car and the cigarette drops from his lips. Time catches up to itself as the car lands upside-down.
jasonlouro edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 02/13/2012. jasonlouro made 20 other changes. more
Hear the blast of a gunshot and screen goes white. Hear a distant scream gradually get louder as we see Paul over Mac's body focus on screen and we see a car peeling out.
jasonlouro edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 02/13/2012. jasonlouro made 29 other changes. more
Hear the sound of the shotgun scraping against Mac's teeth and it being cocked. See Jordi's face with shadow consuming much of his face. Glimpse of a slight smile
jasonlouro added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 02/10/2012. jasonlouro made 41 other changes. more
Paul (Smiling)
You could have come to me, Mac. Dammit, that's great you wanna go back. Good for you. Always were the smartass of the house. How much do you owe Jordi?

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