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about the man behind the books. The life of famous American author.

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Scott is sitting at a desk with HENRY (7), a young skinny boy who demonstrates no academic intellect and relies on Scott for answers. Henry is talking to some boys behind him while Scott attempts to read his Keats book and gaze at Bridget across the room, who stiffly avoids his eye.
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Schoolboy #3
Yeah, I think so. Doesn't even matter how far you are from the announcer, Henry. Just make a real loud Indian hoot and we'll listen for you.
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Scott quickly picks up his books and shuffles over to the nun, much faster than the posse behind him.
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Scott smiles at her lightly, completely untroubled, and picks up one of his books.
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This one is a collection of poems by Keats. Have you heard of Keats?

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