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“Anas. Anas Swany.”
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Anas Swany Anas continues the rest of his high school career ducking around corners eating in the bathroom and generally avoiding people. It goes through a series of shots which only show a part of him. Anas is shown walking on the far side of the hallway and people are tending to avoid of and look at him funny as he looks down. He is shown waiting for kids to walk past and then runs into the bathroom to eat his lunch. He is shown watching the cool kids or the ‘swans’ talk to each other. A bunch of nice kids who everyone likes and everyone wants to be like. Shot starts on Younger Anas’s eye the fades out to an older and bigger Anas still watching the group everyone calls the ‘swans.’ Anas then goes from the corner he is watching them from back into the bathroom. The camera goes into several different angles of older Anas thinking seriously doing things like sitting on the floor with his hands over his face, rubbing his face, looking at himself in the mirror, and sitting in the ‘thinker’ position in the stall, looking at the ground. Anas then whispers to himself “I can’t do this anymore.” Anas then leaves the room and goes out and nervously approaches the ‘swans.’ He then stops and thinks in his head “I’m don’t look like them, and I don’t act like them. I’m not cool like them.” One of the Swans turns and taps the others on the shoulder “Hey look at that guy, who’s that?!” One of the girl swans says “I don’t know, but he’s cute.” The swans all go over and surround Anas. “Hey man, I haven’t seen you around here, do you go to school here?” Anas looks up startled, obviously was still in thought, and says stuttering “I’m Anas. I’ve gone here since freshmen year.” The swans all look at each other and then one says “So do you wanna hang out sometime?” Anas still stuttering responds “Yeah, I’d love to.” The Swans walk away laughing and talking and one girl calls back “See you round! Hey! What’s your name?” Anas turns proudly and says “Anas. Anas Swany!” The girl yells back “Ok Anas see you round!” Anas walks out of the school with a smile on his face and marches out of the school. He runs home and bursts through the door. From the sidewalk you hear faintly “Hey Mom! MOM! I have something to tell you!” FADE TO BLACK

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