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Curator starts singing hallelujah with his mighty thespians as he crawls back into a vagina chair.
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NAY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. OH MY. HOW DELIGHTFUL ARE PUNS? LIKE DELICIOUS PLUMS, PICKED RIGHT FROM THE TREE OF FUNNY. OH MY, GIVE ME A MOMENT. Ahh, sweet, sweet punnery. Ahhh..... Well, inevitably, they age, they grow, they become "adults". They try to better themselves, for their own pleasure and joy, but truly for the respect and adoration of their parents. It is truly bizarre practice, the act of appearing to be in control of your life in this chaotic and unforgiving universe just to impress some old beast that sprung you from their genitals? PREPOSTOUROUS! Chad's father never truly understood him. After watching over several interactions between chad and his father, I derived this little diddy, a tale of a father, a son, and a lot of used cars.
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greek im going to church
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