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Elliyanna added an action in "Kyeran leaves Irenia" on 03/08/2009. more
After only a couple of hours, he had met up with the merchants, and was headed south. Fortunately, merchants rarely asked questions, unless they could possibly turn a profit. Since KYERAN didn't have the look of extremely wealthy, they mostly left him alone for the extent of the journey.
Elliyanna edited dialogue in "Kyeran leaves Irenia" on 03/06/2009. Elliyanna made 8 other changes. more
(speaking to himself)
What a week... month even. Things are going way downhill fast. Well..
(a glance at the well wrapped up egg)
If what ZAY'ED told me was true, then at least I will soon have some company during my move...
Elliyanna commented on the scene "Kyeran leaves Irenia." on 03/06/2009. more
I was thinking that there is a reason that he leaves. So here is what I came up with, hope it works for you!
Elliyanna edited the scene order. on 03/06/2009. Elliyanna made 4 other changes. more
Lelluriennian edited dialogue in "new scene" on 03/02/2009. Lelluriennian made 3 other changes. more
(rather proud of himself)
Well... I do try.

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