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Quick pitch

Fashion designers from around the world are followed in this mocumentury. They will be interviewed, filmed at work, and watched during moments of extreme drama.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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shery_5102 commented on the outline. on 05/17/2010. more
The Person who is Fasion Oriented can only gave a clear tip to desire one
Mic96 commented on the scene "Meet the Contestants." on 02/22/2009. more
I like this concept! i see a lot of good stuff in the this screenplays future!!!!! I'm excited to read it. Typo in the tite. no apostrophe.
bazoocalynn edited the scene titled "Meet Samuel" on 02/22/2009. bazoocalynn made 10 other changes. more
Mic96 joined the project! on 02/21/2009. more
bazoocalynn added dialogue in "Meet the Contestants" on 02/20/2009. bazoocalynn made 11 other changes. more
Next, we have Tara, the hippie from Austrailia!

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