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Main guy
Sorry I'm kinda under a lot of stress right now!
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main guy
I don't need backup! I need a restart!
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warehouse We start out with the shot of a guy sweating. The screen fades out to the sound of a heartbeat. It comes back in to the heartbeat with a shot of the guy pulling a gun up to his shoulder. The screen fades out then in again with the sights over the head of a man about 100 yards away. The guy shoots and the screen goes black. It comes back in with a shot of the guy's feet running. (Sirens blaring) The guy continues running down a hallway.(Camera pans behind runner to see 2-3 others running down the hallway towards him. Main guy (Throwing a flash-bang behind him) Shoot! HQ! (Split screen with HQ on other side)I seem to have gotten myself into trouble, both Again (HQ person rolls eyes) HQ I thought we told you to do this quietly! Main GUY How can you do it quietly when there are two guards for every square foot of this blasted building! HQ Actually there are only six, and three of them are behind you. mAIN GUY Thanks for the optimism you son of a (explosion and Main Guy goes flying) Ouch! what the heck was that! HQ That would be your backup. mAIN GUY I don't need backup! I need a restart! HQ We've already given you one. mAIN GUY Just one more please? HQ Fine! (To other people in HQ) Reset the simulator. Our num-nut here wants to try again. MaIN GUY Thanks. hQ What are you talking about? (mirage out to real life situation). Take the shot already!
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INT. scene 1: warehouse
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