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This is a commercial for a class i have. It is about Febreze. when the actor sprays each scent, he is sent to a location representing that scent.

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FunnyWilson deleted an action in "Scene 4: Israels living room" on 02/14/2014. FunnyWilson made 19 other changes. more
He then sparys it to see his dog teleports away.
FunnyWilson added an action in "Scene 4: Israels living room" on 02/13/2014. FunnyWilson made 20 other changes. more
Israel walks away from camera shot.
FunnyWilson added an action in "Scene 2: Beach or in the Rain" on 02/13/2014. FunnyWilson made 13 other changes. more
He then sprays
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Israel stretches and yawns. Sprays Air with sleep serenity. goes to bed.

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