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Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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They chase Candy and she knocks things over on stage. Cut to sparking amp and fuses. She runs into a large roadie as she looks over her shoulder.

They catch her and they convince Candy to help them cover up the murder so the show can go on. Candy asks what's in it for her. YOU WON'T GO TO JAIL!!! David rubbing his head asks what's in her bag that was so heavy anyways. She shows them what she has in her bag. Surgeon's tools. Much like Dexter's tools. She agrees to help cut up the body with Madelyn's help and David goes to look for Slash.

Flashback while Slash is peeling glass out of his head of Candy and him meeting.

David interrupts his flashback with telling him they have to help him get rid of the body.

Madelyn flashback to her buying a gun at a weird gun shop.
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CANDY is close enough. She takes her purse and swings it across DAVID's face.
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