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Quick pitch

The film follows Private Sean Donaldson on his 6 month tour of duty in Afghanistan, and his troubles in seeing his brother Mark die in a roadside bomb explosion, and also how he deals with being shot by the Taliban. It is narrated by him.

The film should roughly last 3 hours and it is aimed to be as realistic as possible. I aim to make it a Saving Private Ryan esque film.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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We see a young man run and take up a position close to us, he then puts the stock of his semi automatic gun in the crock of his shoulder and starts firing. He has a beard, and a moustache and is wearing full battledress. He is Jake Turner when he was younger, and as a soldier.
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The air force arrive, 4 F-22s Scream over the battle ground and start to fire at the taliban forces. A medical helicopter touches down.
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INT. Fade to black
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Hey, we need a medevac. We need a medevac now! Man down.

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