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Most people have had to share a place with family or roommates. Some share cars, other split the bathroom, and a large number share children. Imagine sharing your very body. That is the mission of Vessels, who are meant to hold angels inside them. Every action is a combination of angelic and human choice. In latter days, the number of Vessels has declined drastically, and to find one is a miracle. Unmarked Vessels, which can house angelic or demonic presences, are like white tigers in a Barney t-shirt : non-existent. But Corrine is very much alive, and so is her all-too-real inner demon, Tova. Working towards answers, the two battle other demons as a hobby. But another Vessel might ruin quite a bit of their lives.

Project Type: Short Film

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BULLY 1 gets back up and pushes CORRINE against the school, scratching her arm.
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You made this my fight when you started messing up this kid's face.
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