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Adaptation of the video game Final Fantasy XII.

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Ondore(Voice over)
Pretneses of the peace left by the wayside, the Archadian forces resumed their advance toward Rabanastre, Dalmascas doom had been decided. To make resistance would serve no end. With this foremost in my thoughts, I, to the People of Dalmasca: "Sons and Daughters of Dalmasca, I bid you lay down your arms. Raise songs of prayer in their stead. Prayer for His Majesty King Raminas, ever merciful. A man devoted wholly to peace. Prayer, too, for the noble Princess Ashe, who, wrought with grief at her kingdom's defeat, has taken her own life. Know that also Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg, for incitement of sedition and the assassination of His Royal Majesty King Raminas, has been found guily of high treason and put to his death. They who at this late hour choose still the sword are cut of the same cloth as the Captain: Traitors who would lead Dalmasca to her ruin." Dalmasca's surrender without terms was soon to follow.
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Basch and the soldiers run up the stairs. Reks then fights all the soldiers, killing them. Reks then leaves the room and runs up the stairs. He arrives in the trone room and sees the corpse of the soldiers on the ground. Reks gulps and looks like hes about to puke.
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I like the last line.
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