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With time, Sara got better. After she was stable enough, I took her home. I had hoped that being home, with all our things, where I life was would make her better, bring her back, but it didn't. Her personality started returning after about 6 months. But only pieces. She was never the same. Since being back from the war I've suffered terrible nightmares and flashbacks. I think I finally understand what Sara was going through. Since her surgery Sara doesn't have any bad dreams anymore. She says she sleeps and she wakes up. At least she rests now. I think my Sara is gone. They cut out my girl when they cut out her brain. She just stares now. And listens. Her smile is the same, her laugh is the same. But her eyes. Thats where you see it. You can see they took a piece of her. But never mind that. Sara and I live a peaceful life now. We wake up, get breakfast around 10:30, I read her the comic section in the daily paper, then we sit on the porch. She likes it outside. Always loved the birds my Sara did. We we've done this every day for 7 years now, and we will continue to for the rest of our lives. Because thats what love is. Love is just as human as we are. It can be patient, and kind but it can also be rash and mean. It can give you your highest highs and your lowest lows. When I read my vows to Sara I told her that love conquered all. I don't think that anymore. I think love can make mistakes too, love can be impatient and silly and sad. Love is just as subjective to illness, power and money. And time. In the end, love is just as mortal and foolish as those who have it are. Thats what Sara and I have, our perfectly mortal love. So we will be here together, in our love, until death do us part.
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It is called a prefrontal lobotomy. It is a new kind of neurosurgery procedure that has recent discovery of the therapeutic value in certain psychoses cases. I can give you more in depth information on the procedure at another time Mr. Walker. Until Sara's health improves, we will have to keep her here under 24 hour medical surveillance. After she shows the proper amount of improvement, you make take her home Mr Walker. I will be in my office if you need anything, just ask a staff member. I will give you a moment with your wife, then I will have my nurse show you out. Whenever you are ready Mr Walker.
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Goodbye Mary.
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He goes off to Sara

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