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They both get in a pickup and drive for a while. They arrive at a field. (Still seated in the car.) BARLETT Ok, we're here. Why are we here? SYD I was just curious about the place. BARLETT What about it? SYD Ok.... I had a weird dream. I know it sounds ridiculous but I have to know what's going on, or I swear I'll lose my mind. Barlett raises their eyebrows at Syd. They get out of the car. Syd leads the way, walking over to an old barn house. They walk around. Syd looks at all the details, then notices something on the door. SYD Look. The camera shows a small square on the door, covered in ash. BARLETT Is that ash? Syd rubs it off with their thumb. There is russian lettering on the square. BARLETT Wow. What is that? Hold on, I need to get my camera. Barlett runs back to the car. The engine starts revving and they drive away. SYD (yelling) Barlett? Where are you going? BARLETT (yelling out of the window) To get my camera, from home! Syd sighs and gets back to exploring. They look through the barn door's cracks, and then attempts to open the door. After it fails, Syd look around to make sure no-one sees, and kicks the door in. They rush in, pushing the door shut behind. The inside of the barn is filled with old furniture, mostly desks and drawers. The camera shows Syd looked surprised, and then a loud noise sounds. Syd spins backwards and Barlett bursts in through the door holding a camera. BARLETT What are you doing in here? Barlett then notices the weird furniture. BARLETT Woah, what's all this stuff. SYD I don't know. They pick up a paper. SYD (reading) “To Monica, a poem from the skies. Where roses are wilting and blue moons are grey--” BARLETT I think this where she used to live. Monica. The ubtuctee. SYD Ubtuctee? BARLETT The missing person—in the photograph. This is probably all that's left since the family moved out of state. There is a silence. SYD I dreamt of this place, Barlett, that's why I came here. I don't know what's going on with me but I guess I want to help you figure out what happened to all these people. BARLETT I know what happened to them. They lock eyes and it cuts to the next scene. INT. SAME TIME, BARLETT'S ROOM Barlett and Syd are mulling over papers. BARLETT The radiation in our town is higher than most—it's not at a dangerous amount but it mimics the levels in towns that have been previously exposed to nuclear plants for short periods of time. But there's no history of anything like that anywhere near here. The radiation is exactly the right amount to be due to gamma radiation coming at earth from around 19million miles away. It's coming from space. Syd looks puzzled. BARLETT I think there's a ship producing some sort of harmful energy...and using it relocate people at invisible speeds. SYD Ya ok, Mulder. There has to be a better explanation. BARLETT (reading paper) “1992, Leon Smith, recorded stating that he saw multiple red lights surrounding his sister, before she vanished into the air. She was never found.” This was during the time his county had the higher levels of radiation. There are dozens of these stories that support my theory.
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masego barlett
Syd! What's up? How come you're here?
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Syd sighs and starts getting clothes out to get dressed. The scene cuts to them biking down a street. They stops at a convenience store/grocery. They walk in, look around in the store at the medication section, and go to self checkout with some advil and tylenol.
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Well, I wasn't going to say that, but the only way this makes any sense, the way the map shows--

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