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- a girl thats been threw drama over and over , she's finally trying to find herself but who will help her ?

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angeleysworld edited a slugline in "In" on 03/04/2013. more
INT. (Voice over )alice maria ; Hi i'm alice maria rodriguez ( thick spanish accent ) i'm 16 and i'm italian dominican and filipino. weird mix ? i know right . I love my life. i get everything i desire and more.
mcsherry439 added a comment to Finding HER on 01/21/2013. more
Good conflict and dialogue. But there are many unanswered questions that I hope you develop further. 80
mcsherry439 joined the project! on 01/21/2013. more
angeleysworld inserted an action in "Alice maria and mahkai's mother ." on 01/11/2013. angeleysworld made 22 other changes. more
they all head inside. mahkai and alice with their heads down crying holding each others hands and michelle and miguel holding hands sighing deeply as they walk into the house.
angeleysworld added an action in "Alice maria and mahkai's mother ." on 01/10/2013. angeleysworld made 17 other changes. more
both of them are crying.

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