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Camryn (Voice Over)
I do regret how I got my baby, but I don't regret having her... Yes I could truly say that because the baby doesn't look anything like me or Tylor. she looks like Utopia. Those eyes, that hair, those lips. she is my Utopia.
sahralee edited dialogue in "A long couple of months" on 03/19/2010. more
camryn (voice over)
I was so relieved, but at the same time I was so sad. What did that say about my character? When she ran away and everyone was looking for her, I didn't think of anyone but myself. I was so selfish. What if she died or got hurt? I was the one that influenced this, I could have prevented it from happening.
(this is being said while clips of of Camryn taking care of Bliss and spending time with her are showing)
sahralee deleted an action in "Death" on 03/19/2010. sahralee made 2 other changes. more
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