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Ancaeus added an action in "Apologies" a year ago. Ancaeus made 15 other changes. more
--Riley smiles.
Ancaeus added a slugline in "Finding the camp" a year ago. Ancaeus made 49 other changes. more
INT. EXt. hill - night
Ancaeus added dialogue in "Worried Parents" a year ago. Ancaeus made 19 other changes. more
Ok, don't let it go out. Pass me those sticks.
Ancaeus edited an action in "Hiking" a year ago. Ancaeus made 16 other changes. more
The couple shares a laugh and continues to walk, now with Rob's arm around Amy.
Ancaeus added an action in "Morning 2" a year ago. Ancaeus made 36 other changes. more
The two boys have reached the top of the hill. It grows increasingly wooded as they walk. Jeffrey lugs a medium sized rock and Riley wields a slingshot duct-taped to a stick.

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