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Nevin, an obnoxious and berating 30 year-old, spends almost 75% of his time at home yelling at his cat because of his problems. Ever since he received the cat from it's previous owner, Nevin has been verbally abusing the cat he has simply named as "Cat". A month goes by like this, and the cat doesn't walk around or seems as happy as it used to be. One night, when Nevin throws something at the cat, the cat gets angry and attacks Nevin. This is when the cat starts speaking in human tongue and addresses his angry concerns and threats to Nevin, even going as far as revealing his birth-given name: Fjord.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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That's because he likes me and knows that he's in for a world of gain.
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INT. INT. Celia's house. day

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