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A "crazy" woman thinks she is being pursued and watched, everyone thinks she's crazy until shes proven right.

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FranklinCarpio edited an action in "Jane walks past group" on 09/03/2014. FranklinCarpio made 16 other changes. more
He tilts his head ready to kiss her face. She turns towards his face.
FranklinCarpio added a comment to Flash Past on 09/02/2014. more
developing idea/concept - She is from the future and was left behind on a mission or something. So she knows of the upcoming terror/apocalypse so she just waits for someone to come back for her/live out her life waiting for apocalypse.
Chantel added a comment to Flash Past on 09/01/2014. more
so is she crazy or what?
FranklinCarpio added an action in "B- Roll of street" on 08/28/2014. FranklinCarpio made 38 other changes. more
Jane sits and eats food in the shade, watching the people passing by.
Chantel joined the project! on 08/28/2014. Chantel made 2 other changes. more

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