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A "crazy" woman thinks she is being pursued and watched, everyone thinks she's crazy until shes proven right.

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FranklinCarpio edited an action in "Jane walks past group" two years ago. FranklinCarpio made 16 other changes. more
He tilts his head ready to kiss her face. She turns towards his face.
FranklinCarpio added a comment to Flash Past two years ago. more
developing idea/concept - She is from the future and was left behind on a mission or something. So she knows of the upcoming terror/apocalypse so she just waits for someone to come back for her/live out her life waiting for apocalypse.
Chantel added a comment to Flash Past two years ago. more
so is she crazy or what?
FranklinCarpio added an action in "B- Roll of street" two years ago. FranklinCarpio made 38 other changes. more
Jane sits and eats food in the shade, watching the people passing by.
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