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A man has recently been released from jail after serving time for a crime he didnt commit. He returns to his home only to find out that everything has changed. He is out on a mission to do right and fix everything that he set wrong before he was locked up.

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andrehrrll added a new scene titled "Number 3" on 01/11/2015. andrehrrll made 31 other changes. more
andrehrrll added an action in "Under my nose" on 01/06/2015. andrehrrll made 25 other changes. more
Kai, Iris amd Allan sit together in the living room.
andrehrrll added dialogue in "The Brains" on 01/03/2015. andrehrrll made 2 other comments and 20 other changes. more
Was that Kai, with a woman?
andrehrrll added dialogue in "Info broker" on 12/30/2014. andrehrrll made 22 other changes. more
That son of a bitch!
andrehrrll added an action in "Info broker" on 12/29/2014. andrehrrll made 33 other changes. more
T money and his gang get out of the bar leaving the place a bloody mess.

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