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Shi and Ceila walk over to the bar.
andrehrrll added dialogue in "The organization" a year ago. andrehrrll made 19 other changes. more
I wonder what I should get us for lunch?
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andrehrrll added dialogue in "Home?" a year ago. andrehrrll made 20 other changes. more
(Inside thought)
Huh, I guess they never fed her actual food before, poor kid. I can only imagine what she has been through. The real question is what do we do now. I got her back but this only makes things more compliated. I guess I dindt think this one through but its whatever, things should work themselves out. At the end of the day I will keep my promise.
andrehrrll added an action in "This is your first scene." a year ago. andrehrrll made 34 other changes. more
Shi races through the forest and makes his way with Iris to his safe house.

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