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fuck bitches get arrested

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brookshudgins added dialogue in "Fraternity" on 12/05/2014. brookshudgins made 12 other changes. more
It is so easy for you to say that from your tiny little island of idealism. You essentially live in a communist village of hypersensitivity. Everybody is so consistently aware of what everybody is else is thinking, nobody really thinks for themselves. I mean look everybody is bred and groomed to think they are special and that their watercolor blind contour is going to get them a fucking job they enjoy when they graduate, bullshit! Go down to San Vicente and ask every single waiter or barista you meet whether they studied waiting and bar tending with a masters in espresso milking, fuck off! They were English Lit and History majors who masturbated their way through Kerouac then woke up with life's semen on their Urban Outfitters t-shirt and a big fat mortgage to pay. Mom and Dad won't be around forever you know, they never thought when they paid for electronic violin lessons when you were 12 that was what you were gonna run with at 25.
brookshudgins added dialogue in "Fraternity" on 12/05/2014. brookshudgins made 3 other changes. more
Got any plans tonight? How many high school seniors you guys gonna date rape tonight? I hear they like older guys, might be a myth though.
brookshudgins added an action in "Fraternity" on 12/02/2014. brookshudgins made 4 other changes. more
5 friends sit circled up in a nice living room drinking and smoking. They are pre-drinking for a party and at home from university over break.

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