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Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Disorientated he staggers back inside where people start approaching him. He is confronted by a barrage people talking to him in ways he can't understand. Everything starts spinning as he sees flashes of all the abnormal things in the room, with frequent flashes of the figure blowing white powder into his face and saying "it's your decision". His nose starts to bleed and he begins to have a seizure like fit before hitting the floor, where suddenly he is completely alone.
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What the hell are you saying?! Why did you drag me out here!
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They walk back inside with Jacob laying seemingly passed out on the curb. A woman is seen walking past and dropping a few dollars of change onto Jacob. As the camera rolls around to show the face of the woman it is shown that she is the Woman in White, however she is now dressed in all black. She kisses her hand and blows a white powder into the camera as the credits begin to roll.
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People dancing in the strobe light with Jscob and the Woman in White. Jacob's usual shy and introverted demeanor is not to be seen as he seems to be almost commanding the whole crowd. Jacob is starting to notice things seeming out of the ordinary, he is viewing some faces as borderline non-human, old men on oxygen tanks sitting on beanbags in the corner, vines sprouting from the ceiling etc. Initially he brushes this off but as the visions start becoming more odd he leaves the middle of the dance floor and sits in a chair in the corner. The Woman in White walks over and sits on the arm rest of the chair.
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He continues to follow her with the figure continuing to tease. Eventually the figure stops at the top of a hill. Jacob catches up to her and stops. He notices a very out of place building at the bottom of the hill.

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