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niskernigger added a new scene titled "The Dream" on 03/03/2013. niskernigger made 9 other changes. more
niskernigger deleted an action in "Amy's Day" on 03/02/2013. more
niskernigger added an action in "The Bathroom" on 03/01/2013. niskernigger made 2 other changes. more
The screen starts out black, as a door opens, we see Amy from the little opening in the door speaking with someone.
niskernigger edited the scene titled "The Bathroom" on 03/01/2013. niskernigger made 4 other changes. more
niskernigger edited an action in "The Party" on 02/28/2013. more
(Unknown transition here - To be determined) We see Amy from the back, standing infront of Josh's house as the camera pans back angled up so the house looks much bigger.

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