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Quick pitch

Pryce wakes up to his parents missing, and when he leaves his home, he finds himself before a street full of massacre adults. Following a ghostlike girl through the town, leads him to where his parents are, but they’re already dead. Hatter, a young child spirit guides him through the odd-looking Dreamland to appease the children’s spirits to stop the massacre.

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Reddy added an action in "Skye." on 04/03/2014. Reddy made 5 other changes. more
At this part, is when Skye intervenes and nods at Pryce, before you can hear screams, and Hatter brings Pryce out.
Reddy inserted an action in "Skye." on 04/03/2014. Reddy made 32 other changes. more
Then it turns back to normal, maybe because Hatter went off.
Reddy inserted an action in "Endings." on 04/02/2014. Reddy made 69 other changes. more
Last scene is a picture, where they're all hugging him and Pryce is crying?? and then the title of the ending. I won't forget.
Reddy inserted an action in "Endings." on 04/02/2014. Reddy made 30 other changes. more
Cut scene where Lucian enters his dream and the entire screen turns white, then Pryce wakes up in his bed.
Reddy inserted an action in "Endings." on 04/02/2014. more
This would be the most complicated ending to achieve. To attain the key to the Cellar, you have to find it hidden in the rabbit plushes-- and it's one half each. Then the player has to go down there, and this scene takes place

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