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This project is based on a teenage female named Sade,who is a beautiful young woman full of potential.Sade is a junior scholar inside a high school full of drop outs,hysteria,and bad influences.Throughout her past, specifically her freshman and sophomore years,she had let her mind get caught up in the mix of new things and she introduces herself to acquaintances that should have never came into her life! But maybe this could be a "eye opener" for her education and life practices.At home, Sade has a bit of family issues,which also gets to her and helps her change her ways,state of mind.Going back to school for her junior year has been an amazing wake up for her,her parents and teachers.Although everything is working out as she planned it,she has no time for her dream any more because she has a full schedule of classes 1-9,she has pm school monday through friday for the work she missed during her freshman year,and a part time job after. How will Sade cope with all this work and still make time for her dream?

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Don't regret anything,everything happens for a reason.
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Just don"t ask me about it,okay? because I don"t have time to be answering questions.
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INT. lehman high school

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