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1. Win’s first recording
2. Description of hiding for kids
3. Accusations are thrown at the Rat
4. Scouting mission and complete destruction found
5. Kids all return and begin rebuilding
6. Lack of power and cold become an issue
7. Two kids die
8. Rat and Rachel discussion about deaths and responsibility
9. Rat leaves and Rachel tells Win what she knows and Win breaks up with Rachel
10. The swat team is coming and All horrible options are discussed
11. Win decides on communications tower, forms team
12. Win apologizes and he and Rachel are one again
13. Win goes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the communications relay and is shot
14. Dissolution of Neighborhood
15. Win’s fate revealed
16. Reverend at store
17. Win’s final recording
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Tears pour down her unmoving, resolute face. She's a big girl now.
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