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Hey! Stop right there, golf cart boy! First off man, your not a ranger or a cop, your a campground rent-a-cop. You immediately slandered us and stated your reasoning for approaching us was due to judgement of our physical appearance. Furthurmore, you threatened us with physical violence and homosexual inuendo's associated with rape. This tramatic experience has caused us great duress, and we will be contacting our attorneys as soon as possible, to file suit against your company. Therefore resulting in you losing your $8 an hour job, and we , on the other hand, become wealthy. Now, do us all a favor , jump back into your kiddie cart, and go back to watching your porn in your pop-up camper.
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Suddenly Dire Wolf Kyle steps forward and begins to speak. Eddie looks at him in awe.
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Bitchin'! I made these maps like, old world style. Take twenty paces and BAM, X marks the spot man! Buried in nature, they find a treasure, with a new map and treasure that leads them to the next!

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