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A man must journey to the past in order to save his future.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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thepseudoscientist edited dialogue in "SCENE 2. EXT. STREETS - NIGHT" on 05/05/2014. more
Commander Rutledge
You name is Elias Clarke correct? Born 2022, 4th April, correct?
thepseudoscientist added an action in "SCENE 5. INT. CARTER'S OFFICE - PAST" on 03/18/2014. thepseudoscientist made 5 other changes. more
RUTLEDGE shoots Elias, there is an extreme close-up of Elias face as he hits the floor. The screen fades to black.
marcymarcb joined the project! on 12/17/2013. more
thepseudoscientist added an action in "SCENE 5. INT. CARTER'S OFFICE - PAST" on 12/16/2013. thepseudoscientist made 28 other changes. more
Elias phases in back at the chamber, Rutledge is waiting for him.
thepseudoscientist added dialogue in "SCENE 4. INT. CARTER INDUSTRIES. MORNING" on 12/16/2013. thepseudoscientist made 4 other changes. more
Listen pal, there's no time for questions, just shut up and get ready to follow me.

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