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Modern twist on Cinderella. 15-year-old Gabby's dad is dead and her mom is hardly ever home. She barely gets enough food in her stomach. When her mom is home, she is treated like a slave. Finally, social services take Gabby away from her mom and she is placed with rich foster parents. She falls in love with the rich boy next door, Will.

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ddance added an action in "New Home" on 07/10/2011. ddance made 13 other changes. more
Gabby and Cheryl follow Charlotte to the dining room table where they all sit down
ddance added an action in "New Home" on 07/09/2011. ddance made 54 other changes. more
Gabby followed Cheryl to her car and drove away from her house for the last time.
ddance added dialogue in "Alone" on 07/09/2011. ddance made 71 other changes. more
Gabby Snow
Sure. That would be great.
ddance created this project! on 07/09/2011. more

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