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Quick pitch

A young school leaver poses the question “Where will I go after leaving school?”.
His thoughts suddenly burst to life out of a thought bubble in the form of animation.
The Coleg Cambria logo appears and the coloured petals from the branded logo dissipate and break away to go on individual journeys. Each exploring a different and exciting topic that make up the creative media course. Each petal is represented in a different animation type. Eventually the petals reform back into the Coleg Cambria logo and the words “Creative Media” reveal as the solution to the young boys problem.

Project Type: Other (Epic)

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DanDanbearTeece commented on the scene "tetras blocks." on 11/11/2014. more
the tetras block go down the screen and make a hole shape
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DanDanbearTeece edited a transition in "tetras blocks" on 11/11/2014. DanDanbearTeece made 3 other changes. more
deano edited the scene titled "tetras blocks" on 11/11/2014. deano made 2 other changes. more
hannah_ edited the scene titled "Yellow ball" on 11/11/2014. more

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