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This is the tale of a young boy who is attending an academy for gifted mercinaries who are tasked with eliminating demons who currently plauge the world. The story follows him as he grows and develops as a person, he has a secret that he doesnt want anyone to know about.

The demons have become ever more active, causing copius amounts of damage and attempting to ressurect the demon king it is up to Raza and his friends to to save the world.

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andrehrrll added an action in "The kid is in danger." a year ago. andrehrrll made 26 other changes. more
Raza is engulfed in a red light that appears to be flames. His eyes become red and an immense heat radiates from him.
andrehrrll added dialogue in "The kid is in danger." a year ago. andrehrrll made 12 other changes. more
You have caused me a lot of trouble biy. Thanks to you, we have a couple throns in our sides.
andrehrrll added an action in "Time to act" a year ago. andrehrrll made 29 other changes. more
Raza makes his way from rooftop to roof top with incredible speed and agility.
andrehrrll added an action in "Found them" a year ago. andrehrrll made 39 other changes. more
Raza passes out.
andrehrrll added dialogue in "Walking around town" a year ago. andrehrrll made 22 other changes. more
Sup kid, you better have money this time!

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