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You're welcome.
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A woman sits back on a bench, arms spread along the back. She appears relaxed, self-assured, and blithesome. But she observes. Her eyes travel across the park with focus and intelligence. She sees a mother holding a red balloon for her child. The woman smiles when the child holds the balloon in his chubby fingers. She sees an old lady struggling to walk with a cane bent out of shape, her smile drops. She sees two cyclists racing along the park, one almost runs over the old lady and then the child, who, in fear, loses his hold on the red balloon and lets it escape. The mother appears distraught and fatigued as she runs to hold her child. The woman stares at the cyclist. She appears angry now. Until... out of the corner of her eye, she sees a dog. He's a pup, maybe a rottweiler? She smiles in recognition. She sees as the dog gingerly approaches the fountain and drinks some water. The woman stands up. Hands in pockets, she walks towards the fountain, her gait is also confident, purposeful, and graceful. When she reaches the dog, she drops to her knees. The dog turns and looks at her intently, but does not move. Until she smiles, stretches out a hand, palm up and the dog reaches for it with his paws. The woman holds the dog to meet her eyes, both seem to reach an understanding. She nods at him and they take off.
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INT. ext. day - the park

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