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Super hero powers come to grandpa. Hilarity ensues when previously immobile Pappy becomes able to fly, throw cars, and defeat hideous alien criminals intent on overtaking and enslaving the earth.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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marybullis joined the project! a year ago. more
hoopchi edited dialogue in "How Pappy Rolls - Pre-Super Powers" on 05/10/2015. more
Bah. I'm an old man and there will be a few aches, pains, drops and drops. Can't I just be left alone?
surfnsnow joined the project! on 06/19/2014. more
jumpyspeedyrule edited dialogue in "How Pappy Rolls - Pre-Super Powers" on 06/08/2014. more
(gets the number)
Two sixty. You need need some insulin, Pappy.
(to Pappy, injecting insulin into Pappy's stomach)
Why is it that all you old people who's brains haven't turned to mush do nothing but sit around all day long?
jumpyspeedyrule joined the project! on 06/07/2014. more

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